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Financial Freedom PAC

Helping to Elect Bitcoin Champions

About Us

​​The Financial Freedom PAC (i.e. "The Bitcoin PAC") is a non-partisan political action committee registered with the Federal Election Commission dedicated to supporting and helping elect Bitcoin champions. We support candidates that aim to defend and uphold the following rights of Bitcoin owners in United States:

We Support the Right to:

Own Bitcoin

 Run Your Own Node

Self-Custody Bitcoin

 Use Proof-of-Work Consensus Mechanism for Bitcoin Mining

Send/Receive/Transact With Bitcoin

Perform Cryptographic & Pseudonymous Transactions

Candidates We Support
(more coming soon)


Josh Mandel

Republican Senate Candidate - Ohio

Aarika Rhodes

Democratic House Candidate - California


Matthew Diemer

Democratic House Candidate - Ohio


Blake Masters

Republican Senate Candidate - Arizona

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